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Art Statement by Dr. Salman Alhajri

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Al Hajri builds his paintings away from the compacting of  letters and representing them as if they are only forms, but the process of construction is done with thinking and mediation for building and distributing the blocks in order to reach multiple and renewable meanings. In this sense, Husseini confirmed (2013) on this value, saying: "The experience of Arabic writing and passion sufism With fruitful respect for the modern science, and the contemporary techniques that strengthen faith, and remove all doubt in this world and its  mortal time, writing or calligraphy is a spiritual luxurious that comes from deep and pure soul. In this sense, practice is a creative activity, for meditation and expression that seeks to break the inherited artistic traditions, and with conscious spirit that employs letters in order to achieve spiritual, functional aesthetic dimensions.

Some abstract artworks took the direction of expressive and influential trend. As for the themes of paintings, there were a variety of themes like the Omani historical motives. As well as he recalls the memories of the village in a romantic sense and visualized the palm trees and old houses.

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